Annadale Haywood Residents Association

Annadale is an area just outside Belfast City Centre, it is positioned next to the Lagan and comprises mainly of 2 storey flats. In 1998 Annadale and Haywood Residents Association was formed in an attempt to stimulate investment in Annadale Flats and other Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) stock in the Annadale area. After eight years they are now working in partnership with the NIHE having successfully agreed a package of environmental and physical improvements.

New Lodge Arts

New Lodge Arts is a community arts organisation based in the Greater New Lodge area of North Belfast and works primarily with young people under 25 years.

New Lodge Arts delivers a year round programme of arts activities in partnership with local community and youth groups. It does not have premises – all its resources go towards facilitating programmes of activity that take place in local youth or community buildings. Its programmes focuses on providing an enjoyable, creative learning environment where the interests and needs of children and young people are central

Shankill Spectrum Centre

The Spectrum Centre is a major landmark in the Greater Shankill area. It has developed as an Arts and Culture venue which lies in the heart of the community.

Special interest groups are encouraged to use the facilities for community purposes. Flexibility is important to at the Spectrum Centre and they believe in working with their clients to maximise their use and enjoyment of our facilities. They are bringing events to the centre which will entertain and stimulate an interest in the arts.