A tale of hope, aspiration & belonging

This spectacular piece of outdoor theatre takes it’s inspiration from the Hindu celebrations of Navratri (which translates to ‘Nine Nights’), Diwali & Dusshera.

The classic tale tells of a powerful demon, who became immortal and could not be killed by any weapon. He wreaked havoc and misery on the land and it’s people.

Devastated by his terror, a true female warrior was born to defeat the demon. The warrior, known as Durga, fought with the demon for nine days and nights and on the tenth day she defeated the demon and restored peace to the land.

Only on succeeding the people find there lies an even greater battle ahead. A love tested by separation leaves a despairing, true hearted soldier seeking help. Inspired by the blessings of the warrior, the soldier sets of to fight an epic battle to rescue his love from the hands of tyranny.